YoctoWorks - Resources for Embedded Systems

YoctoWorks is a consulting group that specializes in Embedded Systems. Our website provides resources and guidelines for people developing Embedded Systems with Yocto and BuildRoot, and includes general tips for usage of Open Source packages and resources.

Our group provides on-site Consulting Services, as well as turn-key system development, and can work with you on team specific training needs. Whether development of a product from the start, stabilization of development/build environment infrastructure or GUI infrastructure, our resources provide strong value add to help reduce the time to market curve. Our key areas of expertise are;

  • Build Environment infrastructure using Yocto or BuildRoot.
  • Board Bring-Up with U-Boot and the Linux Kernel.
  • System Architecture development.
  • Platform Infrastructure Training, Design and Implementation.
  • Partner Resources to provide Hardware Design and Development.

We focus on spanning the gap between initial product concept to product release and shipment.

Update 01/20/2017

Paper development continues, with the addition of the options around BuildRoot versus Yocto/OE, and general approaches on how to approach an embedded project with either.

Update 01/24/2017

Add an article that provides an overview of some simple approaches to automation and diagnostics around small scale production runs of product, through the usage of easily implemented Manufacturing Server.